The Can't Tells

by The Can't Tells

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released February 22, 2011



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The Can't Tells Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Nervous People
I’m just a girl, simple as a frown
The fall flips my feelings upside down
Each day I try to hide my wandering eyes
The sun makes it easier sometimes
Hiding under sheets of painted glass
I can finally let my Id relax
Uh oh, I should have known
I was made to live my life alone
And you’re just a boy, scared of simple things
Falling air conditioners take the cake
You sit in your room, taking drugs for two
Thinking nobody is quite like you
It’s not easy looking at the sky
Knowing any moment you’ll die
Uh oh, you should know
You were made to live your life alone
We met by chance
Our pants were soaking wet
Your purple umbrella broke
I’d like to think we’d changed
These are things that nervous people do
Uh oh, we should have known
We were made to live our lives alone
Track Name: Whore For Sure
I know a whore for sure
She rattles by my cage most everyday
For such a little girl
She sure knows how to run this game
But I feel some shame in her hands
And it’s like nothing I’ve understood
She knows my face
But I forget her name
Oh well
I know a whore for sure
He sits inside of my lonely cage
We wax and wane obscure
But that don’t seem to change the way he thinks
Cause he loves to feel ashamed
Yeah that boy’s mother, she taught him well
He slurs and he shakes
And can’t forget her name
Oh well
Track Name: Madonna
Oh Madonna
I wish you could see, see what I see what I mean
But it’s not easy
And I know your father
He wants you to be
Be all he could never be
And it’s such trauma
Because he’s just a friend
The kind that never talks back
He lives on his page
Too well written, he forgets to act
And you’ve got a lot on your mind
And all his lovers
They crawl on their knees
Dirty they plead, yeah they beg
They want to need him
But he’s far away
Oh he’s high in the sky
He’s deep in the ground
So they say
And that’s ok
Cause he’s just a friend
The kind that never talks back
He lives on his page
Too well written he forgets to act
And you’ve got a lot on your mind
Well I’d like to him off your mind
Track Name: Whipping Boy
Don’t try to tangle your hair in mine no more
‘Cause you’re over excited
And feel like running up and down these floors
Dragging me behind, my feet don’t work so well
But you keep running ‘til
You stop loving all the friends I’ve got
Then I’ll tear you into pieces
And throw your body in the stock
To watch it boil down would be so sweet my love
To know you’re nothing now
Each bubble makes a sound
Three feet against one ground
Track Name: Lonely Guy
Try to sit around, think, and rearrange
Everything you’ve learned
Each and every word has meant a bit too much to you
That’s why you’re confused
But who is this?
She’s got it all, long hair and tall
You watch her read the myth of Sisyphus but still complain
We push our rocks in vain
No wonder you’re a lonely guy
A lonely guy, a lonely guy
It really comes as no surprise
No surprise, no surprise
And if you think it’s quiet now, learn to love the night
When everyone’s asleep
Because there’s nothing left to say
What do you want to say?
And do you feel like the boy that always knew
He’d draw the shortest straw
Even though he saw their lengths line up so perfectly
What more could he need?
No wonder you’re a lonely guy
A lonely guy, a lonely guy
It really comes as no surprise, no surprise, no surprise
And I remember the day we met
The change you made in me was great
And I remember the moment we spoke
The words you whispered made me cry
And I remember the thoughts you had
Each and every one so proud
And I remember the day you left
When neither of us said goodbye
Track Name: You're Not Listening
I’m staring at this painting
I search for everything I thought I knew
The shadows and the outlines
Know more of you than I might
And you have the right not to believe what I think
Cause you're not listening
I’m watching the sun get tired
The wind was blowing as your flowers fell
The story I remember
Should have played out sweeter
But this is a chance for me to get my head straight
And you’re not listening
Cause I’m not saying it right
You’re not listening, ‘cause I’m not saying it right
Track Name: Dour Northeast
Paul used to be Saul
He used to be so much more fun
When I see a great light
I don’t confuse it with Christ
No my eyes see only sun
When I’m wanting to feel
A little something more real
Than this day in, day out
All I’m left with is doubt
And your words are like hooks
That I can’t seem to shake
And you’re making my heart a bit harder to care for
I guess I just can’t see
How feigned blindness conceived
The last half of a book
That’s bigger than me
Saul where did you go?
You took all my trust and ran wild
Why couldn’t I find a holier way to go blind?
Now my eyes
See only sun.
Track Name: I'm So Fat
I’m so fat
I never understood a smile
But yours is nice
It keeps me up at night
You’re so sad I knew you right from the start
In fact your heart
It looks a lot like mine
But I’m not here
I’m not here
I’m so scared
How could I ever have prepared
A verse for you
That you are not deaf to
And you’re still here
Oh that means something to me my dear
In fact it’s nice
I think we will be fine
But I’m not here
I’m not here
I’m so sad I knew this day was bound to come
You’ve found someone that makes you feel just right